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Learn how to manifest what you want into your life! By learning how to meditate on a daily basis you become more spiritually aligned with your soul-self. This brings you inner peace and clarity in your thoughts. As you increase the time you spend meditating, intuitive messages come through to you with ease. Keep a daily meditation journal of messages that come through to you and date them. This way you can look back on your meditation journal to help guide you in your daily life. Open up your intuitive abilities through deep breathing and focused meditation on all of your life areas. Email me today, I would love to talk to you and give you a reading. To schedule a reading, email me at, mbnelson09@gmail.com
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*Read books on Spirituality

*Meditatate 15 minutes a day

*Journal Messages & Dreams

*Find a Spiritual Mentor

*Let Go Of Fear

*Live in the Now moment

*Let Go of The Past

*No more Future What Ifs

*Listen to your Inner Voice your Soul-self

*Never Doubt Yourself

*Ask for Angelic Help Daily and Watch Your Life Improve

*Have Gratitude

*Say Daily Affirmations

*Continue to Grow Spiritually

Would you like to know more about certain areas of your life?

Let me share your present, heal your past and tell you your future.

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