The Chakras are energy centers within the body.

We have 7 main Chakras in our body.

The Root chakra at the base of the spine, color red, physical body, gland-gonads, animal snake, element fire, gemstone ruby, /Survival

Next we have the Sacral Chakra, color orange, emotional body, gland-lympahatic, amimal aquatic, element water, gemstone aquamarine,/Feeling

Navel or Solar Plexus Chakra, color yellow, mental body, gland-adrenal/splenic, animal owl, bird, element air, gemstone topaz,/Power

Heart Chakra, color green, astral body, gland-thymus, animal mammal, element earth, gemstone emerald,/Love

Throat Chakra, color blue, etheric body, gland-thyroid, human, element ether, gemstone lapis,/Communication

Brow Chakra, color purple, celestial body, gland-pineal, all spirits, element radium, gemstone alexandrite,/Intuition

Crown Chakra, color white, ketheric body, gland-pituitary, kachina, element magnetum, gemstone diamond,/Spirituality

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